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Content description VCIDC005

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Give factual information about self, family and significant objects using labels, captions and descriptions
  1. recounting with the class details about shared events such as sports day, excursions, a class visit or holidays, for example, Pada hari Jumat, kami ke museum
  2. participating in ‘show and tell’, presenting topics of daily life and personal interest, for example, Saya ke pantai, Ini kelinci, dia putih
  3. describing aspects of shared knowledge about Indonesia, such as by pointing to places on a map or at pictures of foods, flora and fauna, for example, Ini pulau Bali, Itu rambutan, Orang utan di pohon
  4. using key words and phrases to describe aspects of a video clip, photo story, or excerpt from a television program such as Jalan Sesama (the Indonesian version of Sesame Street), for example, Huruf hari ini, huruf H
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