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Content description VCIDC008

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Translating
Content description
Translate familiar words and phrases, using visual cues and word lists, noticing how words may have similar or different meanings
  1. participating in shared reading of texts such as big books, and asking and answering questions about unfamiliar words and the number of words in translated texts, for example, Ada berapa kata? Apa kata ini?…sama atau tidak?
  2. using visual dictionaries, word lists and pictures to translate meanings and compare similar or different meanings
  3. noticing aspects of Indonesian and English that are the same, such as the alphabet and some sounds
  4. discussing culture-specific words and practices (for example, mandi, guling) and terms of address, for example, Ibu/Bapak for teachers and parents
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