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Content description VCIDC019

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 3 and 4 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Contribute to class activities such as solving a problem, creating a display or conducting a role-play/scenario
  1. participating in class routines such as taking the roll, saying the day and date, and describing the weather and the day’s schedule
  2. working with others to take action, such as creating a model with captions, producing a poster or invitation for a special event, or designing an Indonesian garden, for example, following instructions, Tolong ambil itu, Mari ikut saya ke…, Minta air, Ayo tanam jagung/sayur
  3. preparing, rehearsing and conducting public presentations and performances, such as an Indonesian item for assembly, or a presentation about significant event
  4. interacting with the teacher and peers by asking and responding to questions and generating ‘small talk’, for example, Apa kabar? Siapa menonton film itu?
  5. participating in group activities such as role-plays, asking and responding to questions and invitations (for example, Mau ke mana?; Mau ikut?), and negotiating with others to make decisions such as choosing ways to get around in Indonesia, for example, Mau naik apa? Saya mau naik becak. Berapa ongkosnya?
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