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Content description VCIDC053

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Take action to make plans, solve problems and address needs such as through corresponding and transacting in real or simulated situations
  1. organising class events, such as holding a lunch, party or performance (for example, Mau makan apa?, Kita pergi ke mana?, Hari apa yang paling baik?), and negotiating and making decisions, for example, Bagaimana kalau kita…?, mungkin kalau kita bisa…
  2. corresponding with peers, including via technology, asking and responding to questions to seek information or clarification, for example, Jam berapa mengerjakan PR?, Bagaimana rumah kamu? Suka band yang mana?
  3. expressing preferences for plans (for example, ide bagus, saya setuju), comparing and contrasting alternatives (for example, Kalau kita ke restoran Jawa lebih murah, Saya pikir lebih baik kalau kita pergi pada hari Rabu karena…, Sebaiknya kita…) and agreeing or disagreeing, for example, saya kurang suka…
  4. responding to invitations to events by accepting (for example, Ya, mau ikut), declining (for example, sayang/maaf…), and giving excuses, for example, Saya harus ke rumah nenek
  5. participating in collaborative projects, such as arranging an excursion or creating a short documentary, for example, Daerah setempat kami
  6. participating in transactions and negotiations, such as to purchase food, clothing, souvenirs or transport (for example, Berapa harganya? Boleh tawar?), maintaining the interaction (for example, aduh, terlalu mahal, di toko lain lebih murah) and discussing issues such as relative cost and wages
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