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Content description VCIDC054

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Interact with others by making requests, seeking clarification, checking understanding and expressing opinions
  1. asking for clarification, such as how to spell a word (for example, Bagaimana ejaannya, Pak?) or asking for meaning, for example, Apa arti kata itu?
  2. apologising and making requests, for example, Maaf saya terlambat Bu, Boleh saya ke kantor?, Tolong jangan dihapus Pak, saya belum selesai
  3. giving help and responding to instructions, for example, Giliran kamu, Klik di bawah, Bu
  4. asking and responding to closed and open-ended questions, for example, Tanggal berapa tes Bahasa Indonesia?, Bagaimana sekolah di Indonesia?
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