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Content description VCIDC072

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Investigate, synthesise and evaluate information from a range of perspectives in relation to topical issues and concepts from a range of learning areas
  1. comparing and evaluating a range of perspectives on topics such as sport, health, music and religion, and considering why people may hold different perspectives
  2. obtaining information in order to debate issues of interest such as the environment, expectations of teenagers, and the generation gap, and cultural practices such as marriage or rites of passage, using persuasive or evaluative language, for example, Saya percaya…, Ini pasti berguna bagi…, mau tidak mau
  3. investigating aspects of Indonesian culture to choose a particular course of action, for example, determining a suitable placement for an Indonesian exchange student, a suitable menu for a group of Indonesian visitors, or an appropriate time of year to visit Indonesia
  4. distinguishing between fact and opinion in texts such as articles and reports, and using critical literacy skills to recognise bias, for example, identifying the author, audience and purpose of the text
  5. researching a concept or issue, including those drawn from other learning areas such as art, history, science, geography or health
  6. identifying and evaluating ways in which values shape content and language in texts such as announcements, surveys, interviews, documentaries, recipes, advertisements, web pages or magazines
  7. listening to, viewing and reading texts such as interviews, documentaries and speeches to obtain and synthesise information and use it in new forms, for example, creating a profile of a famous person from an interview
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