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Content description VCIDC074

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Engage with a variety of imaginative texts, analysing ideas and values, discussing responses and altering key aspects
  1. listening to, viewing and reading a range of texts such as video clips, computer games, comics, television drama or game shows, and expressing personal opinions about key aspects, for example, pada pendapat saya cerita ini…, saya lebih suka/kurang suka tema fantasi, karakter utamanya menarik sekali
  2. reading texts such as extracts from a biography or diary for enjoyment and to gain insights into other people’s experiences and perspectives
  3. modifying existing texts, for example, creating an alternative ending, introducing a new character, changing the setting or adding a major event, or providing a video clip to accompany and reinforce the meaning expressed in song lyrics
  4. creating texts to parody existing texts and to explore a range of genres, for example, re-creating a music clip or advertisement
  5. analysing language and techniques used in contemporary drama, television programs, poetry and film, such as hyperbole, imagery, humour, music and camera angles, for example, adegan, plesetan
  6. identifying and responding to key messages and values in traditional texts such as dongeng, wayang and pantun, and considering their relevance in modern times
  7. re-creating texts such as fairy tales, legends or myths from a different cultural perspective
  8. discussing how texts such as films, plays and songs convey social issues (such as conflict in relationships or poverty) and values such as piety and humility
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