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Content description VCIDC078

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Reflecting
Content description
Make choices while using Indonesian, recognising own assumptions and taking responsibility for modifying language for different cultural perspectives
  1. reflecting on how own language use might be perceived by Indonesian speakers and making adjustments, such as being self-effacing rather than boastful (Kalau saya tidak salah); being indirect such as, terserahlah and lain kali, ya; using passive rather than active construction such as Silahkan diminum tehnya; and avoiding negative expressions, for example, kalau kurang jelas…
  2. noticing tensions and gains that might arise during interactions and considering how to respond appropriately, for example, knowing that Indonesians like to please and therefore may give an inaccurate answer rather than show lack of knowledge, or recognising the importance of waiting until invited to drink or eat
  3. interacting with Indonesian peers, considering how to engage with or respond to topics that may not be commonly discussed in Australia , such as involvement in religion, for example, berpuasa, naik haji or matters such as menstruation
  4. sharing reactions to intercultural experiences and building on comments in discussions with peers, for example, Saya setuju dengan….; sama sekali tidak senang….; kejadian itu kurang enak…; Pengalaman ini membuka mata saya…
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