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Content description VCIDC079

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Reflecting
Content description
Engage in intercultural experiences, reflecting on how aspects of identity such as ethnicity and religion influence language use and understanding of the experience
  1. sharing personal information with Indonesian peers, in conversations and correspondence, choosing which aspects of own identity to convey and noticing how language use reflects aspects of identity such as family background and religion
  2. analysing how own cultural norms impact on interpretations of Indonesian texts, for example, noticing reactions to an article about cultural practices such as upacara mengikir gigi, an advice column about having a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a fashion blog about ways to wear a hijab
  3. reflecting on the role of language in expressing own identity, considering when, with whom and why different languages are used and reflecting on whether own identity changes in different languages, for example, use of gesture and register
  4. describing impressions and reactions while reflecting on intercultural learning, for example, saya rasa, lebih daripada… dibandingkan..., sekarang saya paham/mengerti, mata saya terbuka (…membuka mata saya)
  5. monitoring and recording own reactions when communicating in Indonesian, for example, keeping a journal of key moments and considering how own perspective may have changed over time
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