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Content description VCIDC087

Indonesian: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Make plans and obtain goods or services in real or simulated situations, through corresponding and transacting with others using modelled texts
  1. participating in scenarios such as being lost and asking for and giving directions (for example, Dari sini jalan ke timur sampai perempatan) or assistance, for example, Permisi Pak, boleh saya bertanya di mana…
  2. negotiating and making decisions about goods and services such as transport, ordering goods such as food and drink (for example, Mau beli bakso? Mau menonton film atau bermain sepak bola nanti sore?), or purchasing goods, for example, bisa kurang, Wah! terlalu mahal, saya rugi
  3. giving, accepting or declining invitations (for example, mau ikut; sayang saya tidak bisa, maaf, ya), including making excuses to avoid causing offence or embarassment, for example, maaf, saya harus ke rumah nenek pada hari Sabtu, lain kali saja
  4. exchanging details such as time, place, activity and participants when organising events, using texts such as phone conversations, emails, text messages, notes and letters, for example, mau berbelanja di mal dengan saya?
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