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Content description VCIDC113

Indonesian: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Reflecting
Content description
Interact with others, monitoring how identity influences intercultural exchange, and reflect on own identity and the diversity of Indonesian identities
  1. analysing language choices and gestures used by Indonesian speakers and considering whether or not and how to use these in own communication, for example, using Muslim prayer times to refer to times of the day such as waktu subuh (at dawn), waktu maghrib (at sunset)
  2. reflecting on choices made to reveal or conceal aspects of identity when interacting with different people across cultures (for example, Ibu dan bapak saya sudah bercerai, Ini adik tiri saya, saya tidak beragama)
  3. gathering examples of language/s used by various people in different contexts, including the range of languages spoken by Indonesians, and discussing how the examples reveal aspects of identity
  4. monitoring own language use and identity across a range of intercultural interactions, such as by using a blog or journal, and considering own views about being a learner and user of Indonesian
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