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Content description VCIDU046

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 5 and 6 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Notice pronunciation of phonemes such as ng/ngg/ny, and notice the difference in pronunciation of loan words from English
  1. comparing different pronunciation of phonemes in the middle of words (ng, ngg, dengan, tangan, tinggal, tanggal), and intonation of polysyllabic words, for example, mendengarkan, berbelanja, berselancar
  2. noticing the phonemes ny and ng at the beginning of words, for example, nyamuk, Nyoman, ngantuk
  3. recognising the Indonesian pronunciation of loan words from English (for example, komputer, roket system), and applying conventions to unfamiliar loan words
  4. understanding how to use emphasis to enhance meaning, for example, extending the stress on word endings (besarrr, takuuuut)
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