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Content description VCIDU080

Indonesian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Understand pronunciation and intonation conventions, and apply to new words with affixation and a range of complex sentences
  1. recognising the role of stress and rhythm in creating emphasis, for example, recurring patterns, chorus, rhymes and onomatopoeia
  2. noticing how tone can convey emotion, such as in colloquial language, for example, kasihan deh, bagi dong, aku dikasih nggak
  3. using elision in informal communication, for example, mau [atau] nggak?, mahal s[e]kali, [bara]ngkali
  4. recognising that Indonesian may allow more than one spelling of loan words, for example, bis/bus, system/sistim, propinsi/provinsi, moderen/modern
  5. knowing when to pause in complex sentences with embedded clauses
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