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Content description VCLAE019

Latin / Levels 9 and 10 / Engaging with texts / Responding to texts
Content description
Read aloud, recite or perform Latin texts to entertain others, using strategies such as phrasing, voice inflection and metrical effects to convey meaning and emotion
  1. reading aloud, as Romans were accustomed to do, extracts from different genres of Latin literature, such as oratory, history, drama or poetry, with appropriate expression, phrasing, stress, rhythm and tone to convey meaning, for example, selections from the epigrams of Martial, or the letters of Pliny
  2. reciting or presenting extracts from Latin texts to the class or school community, using expression and movement to illustrate meaning and to entertain, for example, part of one of Cicero’s speeches or excerpts from Virgil’s Aeneid
  3. performing in theatrical presentations of Latin poetry or plays, such as the poetry of Ovid or Virgil, extracts from the plays of Plautus
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