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Content description VCLAU007

Latin / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Understand the phonological and orthographic systems of Latin, including the restored pronunciation and the written alphabet
  1. recognising that the written alphabet used by the Romans is the basis for the modern English alphabet, although some letters are pronounced differently, for example, u/v; i, c and g
  2. mimicking or copying the restored pronunciation of Latin words, individually or with peers
  3. matching script to sound, using the restored pronunciation, for example, single consonants, long and short vowels, vowels before final m, diphthongs, h and aspirated h, consonant combinations/clusters as in ingens, magnus, urbs
  4. distinguishing i as a vowel and as a consonant, for example, intrat; ianua
  5. using the spoken stress of Latin, and dramatic expression appropriate to the tone and purpose of a text
  6. acknowledging the absence of punctuation in Latin in comparison with English, for example, by working with a sentence spelt out with no pauses between words
  7. recognising conventions of punctuation used by editors of Latin texts to assist comprehension
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