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Content description VCLAU009

Latin / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Acquire and build vocabulary by using roots, derivatives and word lists, and use dictionaries to select appropriate meanings of Latin words
  1. developing own and class lists of vocabulary related to texts and topics, such as daily life in ancient Rome, for example, thermae, caldarium; magister, ludus
  2. creating a class bank of words that are frequently used, for example, tamen; alii … alii …; eheu!, and common expressions used in everyday activities, for example, salvete; ludere volo
  3. practising vocabulary knowledge, for example, by using online tools such as drills
  4. using print and electronic dictionaries to locate the appropriate meanings of words
  5. understanding that one Latin word may correspond to several different English words and selecting the most appropriate meaning of a word in its context
  6. developing strategies for vocabulary building by applying knowledge of roots, for example, ager/agricola and derivatives, for example, agriculture
  7. building vocabulary by recognising Latin words commonly used in English, for example, exit, video, arena
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