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Content description VCLAU011

Latin / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / The powerful influence of language and culture
Content description
Understand that Latin spread with the expansion of the Roman empire, developed over time into the Romance languages, and influenced English vocabulary
  1. recognising that Latin is a member of the Indo-European family of languages, related to other ancient languages, such as Classical Greek, Sanskrit and Old Persian
  2. recognising that Latin was influenced by languages of other ancient peoples, such as Greek
  3. locating on a map the places where Latin was spoken across the area of Roman influence, from Britain to West Asia
  4. researching how Latin evolved into its modern descendants, the Romance languages, and comparing words, such as numbers, duo (Latin) – deux (French) – due (Italian) – dos (Spanish) – doi (Romanian) – dois (Portuguese), or words such as ‘hand’ or ‘friend’ across languages
  5. applying knowledge of Latin to understand words and expressions in Romance languages, for example, tempo; liberté, égalité, fraternité; amigo; la dolce vita
  6. identifying and using Latin derivatives to expand own English vocabulary, for example, maternal/paternal, nominate, puerile
  7. recognising connections between spelling of Latin and English words and applying understanding to improve own spelling in English, for example, first conjugation verb such as portat – English ‘portable’, compared with fourth conjugation verb audit – audible
  8. identifying expressions and abbreviations in Latin that are commonly used in English, for example, post mortem, in loco parentis; e.g., i.e., am, pm, etc.
  9. identifying words of Latin origin that are used in subjects across the school curriculum, for example, data, agriculture, commerce, equilateral, formula, mesa, tablet
  10. identifying and collecting word families in which the same Latin root is used with different prefixes or suffixes, for example, reduce, introduce, deduce, conduct, produce
  11. exploring and discussing the meaning of simple Latin mottoes used by modern institutions, such as the Olympic motto citius, altius, fortius
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