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Content description VCLAU015

Latin / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Reflecting
Content description
Reflect on self as a language learner, considering how learning Latin influences ways of learning and enhances understanding of own heritage, values and culture
  1. exploring own sense of identity, considering own and others’ assumptions about family, language(s) spoken, traditions, values and attitudes
  2. considering how learning about the ancient world offers different ways of interpreting the modern world and representing experience
  3. keeping a journal of experiences (humorous, satisfying or challenging) associated with learning and using Latin, noting personal reactions and reflections over time
  4. considering how the strategies adopted while learning Latin have impacted on own approaches to learning across subjects, such as setting realistic timeframes, computational thinking
  5. reflecting on the experience of learning Latin, considering how it might add a further dimension to own sense of identity
  6. reflecting and reporting on how learning Latin gives insights into the relationship between language and culture in general, and how own way of thinking about language, culture and identity may change through the experience
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