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Content description VCLAU025

Latin / Levels 9 and 10 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Analyse the structure and features of different text types in Latin, exploring how they relate to context, purpose and audience
  1. examining textual features used to influence an audience, such as the contrast of short and periodic sentences to persuade, or the use of repetition and humour to entertain
  2. making connections and comparisons between a new text and familiar texts of the same type
  3. analysing different texts, such as a story, historical account or speech, to understand how a version of an event can be expressed in different ways
  4. recognising different ways of presenting the same story, for example, from the viewpoint of different characters or in the form of a flashback
  5. analysing language features used to influence the intended audience, such as imagery or rhetorical devices
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