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Media Arts

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The curriculum is structured around four strands, each of which involves making and responding.


Explore and Represent Ideas

Media Arts Practices

Present and Perform

Respond and Interpret


Exploring and experimenting with ideas and representations using images, sound and text. Manipulating media structure, elements and concepts with intent to represent and communicate ideas.

Developing and refining understanding, skills, techniques, technologies and processes.

Planning, producing, presenting and distributing media artworks to audiences. Considering the relationship between artist intentions, audience interpretation and engagement.

Analysing, evaluating interpreting and reflecting upon meanings, beliefs and values in media artworks. Examining media artworks in historical, cultural, institutional and social contexts.

Achievement standards

In Media Arts, students progress along a curriculum continuum that provides the first achievement standard at Foundation and then at Levels 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

A 'Towards Foundation Levels A to D' curriculum is provided for students with disabilities or additional learning needs in this curriculum area.

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