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Level 7


Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies Level Description

In Levels 7 and 8, students analyse the properties of networked systems and their suitability and use for the transmission of data types. They acquire, analyse, validate and evaluate various types of data, and appreciate the complexities of storing and transmitting that data in digital systems.

Students use structured data to model objects and events that shape the communities they actively engage...

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Digital Technologies Content Descriptions

Digital Systems

  1. Investigate how data is transmitted and secured in wired, wireless and mobile networks (VCDTDS035)

Data and Information

  1. Investigate how digital systems represent text, image and sound data in binary (VCDTDI036)
  2. Acquire data from a range of sources and evaluate their authenticity, accuracy and timeliness (VCDTDI037)
  3. Analyse and visualise data using a range of software to create information, and use structured data to model objects or events (VCDTDI038)
  4. Manage, create and communicate interactive ideas, information and projects collaboratively online, taking safety and social contexts into account (VCDTDI039)

Creating Digital Solutions

  1. Define and decompose real-world problems taking into account functional requirements and sustainability (economic, environmental, social), technical and usability constraints (VCDTCD040)
  2. Design the user experience of a digital system, generating, evaluating and communicating alternative designs (VCDTCD041)
  3. Design algorithms represented diagrammatically and in English, and trace algorithms to predict output for a given input and to identify errors (VCDTCD042)
  4. Develop and modify programs with user interfaces involving branching, iteration and functions using a general-purpose programming language (VCDTCD043)
  5. Evaluate how well student-developed solutions and existing information systems meet needs, are innovative and take account of future risks and sustainability (VCDTCD044)

Digital Technologies Achievement Standard

By the end of Level 8, students distinguish between different types of networks and their suitability in meeting defined purposes.

Students explain how text, image and sound data can be represented and secured in digital systems and presented using digital systems. They analyse and evaluate data from a range of sources to model solutions and create information. They manage the collaborative creation of interactive ideas, information and projects and use appropriate codes of conduct when communicating online.

Students define and decompose problems in terms of functional requirements and constraints. They design user experiences and algorithms incorporating branching and iterations, and develop, test, and modify digital solutions. Students evaluate information systems and their solutions in terms of meeting needs, innovation and sustainability.

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